Palmyra Trading Company

About Us

Palmyra was founded in 2013 in Turkey and through diligent and serious work and excellent service over the years of work and commitment to the dates of transport and delivery Palmyra excellence in international shipping.

Comprehensive insurance

Our company insures fragile cargoes to guarantee customers’ rights and earn their trust

Packing and packaging services

The shipment shall be inspected prior to packaging so that the material required for its packaging is known and to ensure that it is not damaged or broken

From Turkey to all countries

We offer the best solution to ship your shipment depending on the type and weight to ensure the appropriate cost

Integrable shipping services

We have an integrable fleet, land, sea and air, From door to door and securing all types of shipments

The reason for our distinction in international shipping

Palmyra is proud to be among all the shipping companies in Turkey. The high level of professionalism and the fleet of cargo you own, in addition to your confidence and continued work with us, is the secret of our success and excellence.

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